Wil Winters


Wil Winters spins tales of other worlds, of demons and of children’s lost souls. Tales to make you laugh, gasp and weep. He does all this using Australian English and an Aussie accent. Yes, those aren’t spelling errors in his articles, it’s language!

He also has a lot of grouchy-old-man opinions about music. A commendable knowledge of the music industry for most years that start with a 19 serve as fuel for his “hey kids, get off my grass” attitude problem towards cover versions of songs.

Wil plays guitar well, particularly delta blues, and has been described by friends who are in bands as a “musical masturbator” because “he’s always playing with himself.”

On more than one occasion, he’s been seen performing German opera in public. His performances may be the first time anybody has ever uttered the words “thank God Schubert isn’t alive.”

Visit his amazing website at www.wilwinters.com

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