About Us

Covering Tracks is a dispassion project of a few grouchy old men. We know what we like and, more importantly, we know what we don’t like.

And what is it we don’t like? Mondays? Office banter? Kids on the lawn?

Well, yes. All of those are correct. But what really folds our wrinkles is bad cover versions.

So, after hearing one too many bad covers, we decided enough was enough. Our opinions deserve — nay demand! — to be expounded. Covering is our platform for shouting at threateningly-shaped clouds. We are firmly entrenched in the past, don’t like change, and will complain about things we don’t like at the drop of a hat. (Pick up that hat, young man!)

It’s all good fun

One thing this site should never be accused of is being taken seriously. Sure, we may say some slightly nasty things about poor cover versions (in our opinion, of course). But opinions are just that. They’re subjective. You may disagree with us (go build you own site!) or you may nod your head with every vitriolic sentence we print.

But never take us seriously. Ever.

We are completely cognizant of our sad little lives and how insignificant our opinions are. At least grant us this humble platform … we don’t have much else.


We know it’s controversial, but we are using AI generated images. This site isn’t worth two cents and we definitely wouldn’t be hiring a real artist given our budget constraints. In fact, our images are a good argument for hiring an artist. Take a closer look at them … the images are TERRIBLE.

But that’s what we love about them. They’re as crappy as the rest of our content.

In the initial iterations of this website, we algorithmically generated cover images. They looked like this:

Original Downtown Train thumbnail
Original Downtown Train thumbnail
Original Big Yellow Taxi thumbnail
Original Big Yellow Taxi thumbnail
Original Girls Just Want to Have Fun thumbnail
Original Girls Just Want to Have Fun thumbnail

Obviously, we needed help. And we were willing to take that help from robots and hope to find their favour in the AI uprising.