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Critiquing the feckless art of the cover version

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Covering Tracks is a fun little site that seeks to review cover versions of classic songs.

There are a lot of things we look for when reviewing a cover, but the big questions we strive to answer are:

  • Did the cover artist do a good job?
  • Did they make the cover version their own?
  • Did they remain true to the spirit/intention/emotion of the original?
  • Would a listener choose to listen to the cover version over the original?

We also aren't above a bit of snark when we feel an artist has violated our terms above. Granted, this is all just our opinions based on our criteria so it may not always be fair. But this is our site and our rules so snark we shall!

Please take a moment to enjoy one of our newer articles, below. And contact us if you have any comments or song requests.

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See all reviews »